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Non cis-hetero female character made easier

As a gay woman, I find that I often have to correct the AI. Even if I write a sentence such as "I ask my wife..." in the "Do" command, it sometimes changes it to "You ask your husband". Which is frustrating.

Please make the AI less heteronormative. I'm spreading this game like wildfire among my LGBTQIA friends, and it shouldn't bee too hard to avoid the AI making these mistakes so often. If it has no problem deducting that a female character can have a husband, it shouldn't have a problem deducting that a female character can have a wife as well.

I also have to remind it often that my character is female. It kept calling me Martin for ages (which created it own adventure all by itself). I had to write myself through my character's nightmares and the inevitable murder of the character's aunt who wouldn't stop calling her Martin, and really put the AI through a massive process of explaining who my character is for it to finally accept my female character and her name.

Apart from this I really do love the game and can't seem to put it down. Fixing these minor things in the AI would mean the world to me and so, SO many of us.

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  • Nov 24 2021
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    1 Dec, 2021 01:19am

    Unfortunately, this is a result of the training datasets used to create the base models, and not something that we can fix as a user of those models (though we do try with fine-tuning data!). As we continue to consider new models as options for AI Dungeon, queer stories are definitely one of the use cases we test, so hopefully we'll be able to find options that don't skew so heavily towards cis- and hetero-normative relationships in the future!