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Folder structured menu options.

Starting out as a coming creator, mass projects, like the one I hope to create, takes a lot of time. Specifically now. Creating the scenario menus takes a lot of time, especially if you use super similar options inside another option. My new scenario that I'm creating, has over 111 billion outcomes. I have 6 initial options, that then branch out. I.e. Body type: 6 options -> mindset: 6 options -> etc. Being able to quickly copy over the mindset options to anther body type option, is highly preferred, since it's far quicker and easier than copy-pasting. I'm using the menu to handle the entire thing, then it enters prompts. Being able to copy the options from one body type and paste them all to the next one, makes this process far quicker. This is more of a specific use case, but being able to take a menu that has, say 3 inputs that then branch to 6 more options and outcomes. Being able to take those first options and copy them to the next initial option would make this long copy-paste process into a short one time paste. The menus inside other menus should be copied over too. In my case, it allows me to take something that is then repeated over and over, multiple times. A lot easier. Since I will have many types of menus inside each indivual one, having the option menu I want to copy over, plus it's sub menu and their sub menus... will make something that will take a year to do, a simple 5 minutes to make sure the inputs are matched with the initial option. Ex. You have a character creator, you have 6 initial options for eye color, then those branch off into hair color, then clothes and so on. Being able to copy all the options (or indivual options) from the "blue" color and paste them into "brown". So when you enter the brown menu option, you then see the hair color, then clothes and so on. The easiest way to put this, is; as if the menu options were a folder. When you copy the folder, it copies all the data inside that folder.
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  • Nov 19 2021
  • Future consideration
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