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Real time scales of recources and other. Merged

What makes action games different from boring turn-based RPGs? That's right, the tension of the moment when you can visually imagine that the situation is heating up. For example, you can fight an orc and read "you were wounded in the leg." Or you can see a whole third of your health points gone! ". Or you can say in battle:" I cast a spell because I can. ". Or you can think:" No, the fireball will take too much mana! If I use it now, I won't be able to fight! What should I do ?! ". The same is with money, which in the game seems to be hidden in some kind of pocket dimension and you do not even know how many of money you have. You can just come up and buy a house ... or you can: "spend a whole day to collect firewood and kill slimes in request to finally buy a boat and swim to the lake dungeon!" Need the type of scale on the screen: chakra, firewood, death energy, laser charge, so that they can feel the features of the gameplay for different classes like a barbarian with rage, a monk with qi energy, or sniper with impulse rifle. You can also enable a scale system to track health and resources for allied characters in a party. The choice of resources to display can be left to the players. You can also avoid such a situation when the player writes "after a year I earned a million gold coins" explaining that to earn a large number of gold coins, active achievements and adventures are needed, which is the meaning of the game.

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  • Sep 9 2021
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