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A "casual"/"lightweight" mode with auto-generated actions the player can choose Merged

A possible solution to the problem of making this game's format work on consoles, giving the player an optional extra challenge, or even just a way of getting more people to play for longer, is to have a mode where the AI will suggest or auto-complete actions or parts of actions for the player, which they can select with one click/tap/button press, modify, or Retry to get a different selection. On the desktop version this could be called "casual mode" or something similar. You would still be able to edit manually if you really wanted to, using a virtual keyboard if necessary.

For example, the context could be something like "You see a dragon right in front of you, looking at you with hungry eyes", and you could be suggested the actions "Run away", "Attack the dragon with your sword", "Say "I'm not here to hurt you"" etc.

This SHOULD NOT replace the console interface by default for platforms that are capable of providing it; that would just be annoying.

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  • Aug 24 2021
  • Planned