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More Options for World Info

I thought it would be really cool if more detailed options were added to world info, for example, NPC's Personality, Appearance, Etc.

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  • Aug 22 2021
  • Future consideration
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    8 Sep, 2021 10:18pm

    It can be tricky to get the AI to pick up on these, but you can of course list this kind of information in the NPC's prose description. There are also the Traditional and Zaltys NPC generation models under the NPC tab of the World Info Library, which can express such traits using a structured syntax that the AI seems particularly sensitive to. Specifically, after generation, Traditional (usually) yields separate fields for Mental, Origin, Summary, Equipment, and Appearance, which are simply concatenated to form the world info injected into the AI's prompt. Zaltys expresses similar though in a unified Attributes field as a semicolon-delimited list. Have a look at valahraban's excellent AID world info research sheet for an exhaustive tour of the Zaltys syntax and other tricks people have tried for getting the AI to better respect world info.

    All that being said, the present World Info Library UI makes it confusing to update NPC details. For one, the Traditional fields are displayed in their concatenated state on the Active tab and editing them there shadows them with a new Entry field rather than updating the original structure (i.e., such that later editing of the structured fields under the NPC tab has no effect until the added Entry field is cleared). Further, if a Traditional-generated NPC is for some reason lacking a field (i.e., it was generated blank or later cleared), there's no way to add it back. In either case, it would be best if both the Active and NPC tabs (and every tab, for that matter) provided direct ability to the user to add, edit, and delete whatever fields they see fit to the world info's "attributes" object.