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Give back scenario browsing and just add a block button and/or divided browsing

I'm really sick of the poor excuse of a scenario browser on the home page. Not only do the scenarios there not switch out with other previous popular scenarios, the ones displayed are random and honestly some are not even good scenarios. Is it that hard to bring back the old browser and publishing ability and create a block button for users so we don't see certain creators on the browser? I really saw no problem with the old browser other than the fact that a few gross creators decided to troll. You know what would solve that? A block feature. Even more helpful would be when mass amounts of people block or report a certain creator, the account is looked into and banned if they are suspect of trolling or getting away with gross scenarios. Also if you're so focused on making filters on NSFW topics for scenarios to protect the children that shouldn't even be on this 17+ app, why not make an entire separate NSFW browsing page so the children can browse safely on the SFW one? There are so many easier solutions to this problem then what you are currently trying to do. Right now, I just feel like you are running away from the problem.

I do agree the browser started to get out of hand, started attracting the wrong people and wrong scenarios, and etc. But instead of taking away the entire thing and going into freak out mode or whatever happened, create something that gives your players control over the situation a bit more. Give us a block button to hide certain creators, create a search bar with a category filter to browse more specifically, put in a report button for creators and not just scenarios, and etc.

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  • Aug 20 2021
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  • Guest commented
    31 Aug, 2021 08:20am

    I can only agree, with just a few tweaks the old browser would be completly fine to today. Most of the problems would solve themself with giving the users more controll over what they see and what they don't want to see. Giving users a Report- and Block-system is a great idea, with a Voting and punishment system like Reddit allready has would further improve controll.

  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2021 04:18am

    Although I'm not familiar with the "old browser" as I am a new user, I still support this idea generally. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any way of searching or even viewing any user-generated scenarios other than the selection it gives you at the beginning, so any form of browser would be better than that.