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Allow players to access all NPC builder options at all times

The new NPC builder feature is great, but there's one glaring issue with it: A lot of the features and tools in the NPC builder are ONLY available while creating a new world. If you want to create new NPC's after that from the world editor, you're stuck with a more limited version of the NPC builder with fewer options and features. This seems very counterintuitive. Why should players be limited to using comprehensive NPC-building tools when they first create a new world? Isn't the point of building worlds in AI Dungeon that they are constantly growing and changing and that the players can add onto them on the go? Shouldn't that mean that these tools are availalbe to the player at all times to make the best most comprehensive versions of NPC's that they can?

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  • Apr 28 2021
  • Future consideration
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    30 Apr, 2021 10:47am

    Its insane to me that there seem to be over 724.000 NPC's. Or is that just all world entries? In any case, that is a lot of stuff.