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SFW-"Moderate NSFW"-NSFW

I would like to suggest having a "buffer" between SFW scenarios and NSFW scenarios/content. A lot of people suggest tag blocking systems and things like that but I feel like that would be a logistical nightmare, so I simply propose adding a third category between SFW and NSFW, which would be far easier to implement and less invasive.

The issue is that "NSFW" is extremely broad and it blankets a wide variety of topics that are not related to each other. Scenarios that pass a certain threshold are considered "NSFW" but there is no limit to how far past that threshold they can go. I am basically proposing either "moderate NSFW" or "Extreme NSFW" as an additional option to users and content/scenario creators.

This would benefit users/non-scenario creators by :

A) Allowing them to sort content more easily in the explore tab.

B) Allowing them to access the level of NSFW content that they are comfortable with.

C) Giving users greater control over the content that they can see without using complicated tagging systems that might be difficult on a programming level and an end-user level.

This would benefit scenario creators by:

A) Helping their content find its target audience more easily.

B) Being a voluntary and simple system such as the simple "NSFW" switch in scenario settings.

C) Preventing new scenarios from being "buried" within minutes of being published by other, completely unrelated scenarios.

D) Helping them avoid comments and input from people who are not interested in their content to begin with but feel offended by it.

This would benefit AI Dungeon/Latitude as a whole by:

A) Reducing complaints about what kinds/types of scenarios are trending every day for people who use NSFW by adding an additional category.

B) Being easy to implement as it could simply be a button under/above/next to/connected to the regular NSFW button/setting.

C) Further organizing the Explore tab in a community driven and 100% sustainable way that requires minimal (if any) interaction from Latitude itself.

I propose this over a change to the tag system because:

A) Some authors do not use the tag system correctly #this #kind #of #stuff #happens #all #the #time.

B) Adding extra layers to the tag system will only complicate it further for new users and people who are unfamiliar with such a system.

C) It would organize content in a "community driven way" instead of a "topic driven way", which is better because a "topic driven tag system" covers literally thousands of different subjects whereas what I am proposing would be far more manageable with only 3 levels, 2 of which already exist.

  • Guest
  • Apr 9 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    9 Apr, 2021 08:54pm

    and seeing as it preforms an identical function to NSFW, all they would have to do is replicated the code block, change name and color, define a seperated search index, and add it to the UI, all of which they can do if they keep the NSFW as a single function.

  • Guest commented
    9 Apr, 2021 03:24pm

    I entirely disagree with this and I would downvote this if it were possible. Tagging systems with filtering work for the majority users. Users who don't understand how to block a tag should be directed to documentation on how to do so.

    While creators do misuse the tag system, creators will also misuse your proposed system as well. In addition to this, some users may want to block tags that can be found in certain NSFW scenarios, while still seeing other NSFW scenarios. Also, some users may want to block certain tags in SFW scenarios too.

  • Guest commented
    9 Apr, 2021 02:53am

    I put this into a scenario and the AI added 3 excellent responses!(why this would be more effective than a rework of the tag system) C) This method is also much more accessible as all you need to do is click a button to allow or disallow content rather than having to input a certain string of words. C) It (tag blocking) will also increase Latitude's workload in terms of server resources, something which I am sure they would like to avoid if possible. D) This does not take away from the system that you have in place now and can be implemented alongside it