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Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit AID-I-2366 Make it so the AI doesn't tell you your own actions. That should be purely up to the user..

AI NPC control only - Toggle Merged

A feature to toggle and stop AI from controlling the Player Character but allow it to control NPC's actions and sentences only. I feel like the AI always rips control away from the player when playing scenarios or forces random scenarios out of thin air with the player.

Example: (AI - NPC Control only toggle: ON)

Me - story: We finally arrive at fort Dunfold, outside the gates.

NPC - A guardsman approaches and requests you're papers.

Me - action: I give the guard my papers.

NPC - The guard hands back the papers after carefully inspecting and allows you through the gate.

Me - story: I walk through the gates with my companions and head to the tavern, upon entering I walk up to the bar.

NPC - A young lady by the name of Miria approaches you at the bar and asks "What would you like to drink?"

Me - say: I would love an ale, please.

NPC -"Of course" She replied. She then grabs a mug and fills it with Ale before handing it to you.
Me - action: I take the Ale. I then begin to look around the room.
NPC - A man cloaked in dark robes brushes past you.

Me - Story: I call out to the man in the dark robes "Watch where you are going!"

NPC - The man in dark robes look at you aggressively.

Just annoyed how the AI always tries to take control of my player but making me do actions or puts my player in scenarios that I didn't want or have nothing to do with the story or add's something so random to the story it ruins the mood.

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  • Mar 10 2021
  • Future consideration
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    10 Mar 01:31pm

    Sorry about the post, I'll need to fix it when I return home. Seems something bugged on my phone when adding the post. But in short, the idea is for the AI to simply control NPC's actions and talk without controlling the story or players character.