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Ability to Lock races to certain classes or factions in world creation.

I feel like it might be a cool idea to be able to make race-specific classes or factions like an all dwarven city or a specific type of magic unique to elves. You can technically already do this, but currently you have to trust the players to pick the combinations that make sense.

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  • Feb 25 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    27 Feb, 2021 07:47am

    I'd also like the ability to generate factions this way. I mean an additional field near the name of a faction

    I mean something like
    "Kingdom XXX" + "Elf; Human; Half-elf" forcing Dragon to generate kingdom only with those races.

    The same can be used for classes

  • Guest commented
    25 Feb, 2021 05:57pm

    This sounds like a good idea. I was doing an apocalypse one, and I felt really limited on the races only being human, because the lore clearly stated that the Ghoul Race wasn't allowed in any of the major factions, but the way WC is made rn the player would be able to ignore that.