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Stop the AI circumventing the Banned Words list

Simply: Find a method that prevents the AI using words and phrases in the custom black list.

Longer: Currently the blacklist seems to weight the AI against using these crutch words but if it really feels that a certain word is the solution to the problem then it will use it. The worst offenders (aside for The End) that I have found have been the games crutch names, such as Dendrin, Svelk, Karth, Klyton and Zuzu. Whenever the AI employs these names I've found it degrades in story telling because they weight results to certain responses and lead to inconsistencies. Banning them and preventing the AI using these names (along with preventing it naming characters all together, forcing it to use the World History more but that’s a level of book keeping I don’t expect everyone wants to engage in) has improved the story telling immensely.

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  • Jan 15 2021
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    15 Jan, 2021 08:20pm

    Also Zigzagax, when the AI introduced this as a name it became obsessed with them, I had to go back through multiple responses to scrub them and remove all reference to this name before they stopped appearing.