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Pictures Merged

I think we should add picture to further detail the setting and the plot

  • Guest
  • Jan 15 2021
  • Completed
  • Guest commented
    7 Feb, 2021 12:24pm

    Agreed on "the next step in the evolution of the technology" in the other comment below. This is what is so cool about this whole thing. Before video games really took off, there was text-based adventures, much like what AI Dungeon is now... Then pictures were added to go with the adventure, and then later on much more complex stuff...

    It feels like we're back to that, starting a whole new stage of gaming with this tech! As someone too young to have experienced that era, It's really exciting! Imagine how cool AI games will be 20 years from now!

  • Guest commented
    7 Feb, 2021 08:04am

    That would be cool! I always liked grinding books with pictures, LOL

  • Guest commented
    6 Feb, 2021 03:58pm

    Personally, I feel like generating imagery is the next step in the evolution of this technology for gaming. It makes perfect sense. Google have already demo'd similar AI-based "theming" of games for their Stadia demos, where a game can easily be re-rendered as a cell-shaded game, for example.

    Adding auto-generated imagery would turn the text adventure into a graphical adventure. Which was the next step back in the day, before 3d adventures etc. I guess eventually, we'll have VR adventures, much like a holodeck.

  • Guest commented
    5 Feb, 2021 07:12pm

    Because of NSFW generations that are unwarranted, this is definitely not going to happen.

  • Guest commented
    27 Jan, 2021 05:15pm

    what is the reason of "will not do" ? you propably have all you want to do that with DALL-E...

  • Guest commented
    16 Jan, 2021 12:51am

    I have a feeling pictures would end badly, especially with some of the things the AI generates.