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A way to force the AI to give the player more information about something specific

Much like the exclamation mark (!), appending a ? to the beginning of a player input will change it into a query to the AI for information. (Ex. "?What is the girl's name?") In response, the AI will either generate an answer to the question and will not progress the story beyond this. It will then use the answer to this question as content within the story, and if the same or a similar question is asked later, it will instead of generating a new answer respond with the premade and remembered response. By including multiple questions in the input, the AI will answer each of them without including further information information beyond this.

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  • Jan 15 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    10 Aug 04:35am

    Maybe just, make a Q&A button to test the ai’s memory like if the girl’s name is Jane, I would ask the question “who is the girl” and the AI would respond “The girl is Jane”, and if it answering incorrectly you could alter the memory to include the name “Jane” so it would respond correctly.

  • Guest commented
    24 Jun 07:51am

    Could be done even without implementing this as a feature.

  • Guest commented
    11 May 06:49pm

    Ok, there's two parts to this suggestion: (a) forcing the AI to produce some text describing the thing; and (b) remembering it.

    To do (b) the program could (in many cases) stick the result in worldinfo, "What is the girl's name?" is a bit tricky to do this way, because it doesn't start with the key you want it stored under in worldinfo, But "What does Alice look like?" and sticking the result in the worldinfo for Alice might work.

  • Guest commented
    3 May 10:45pm

    It's very much an issue of memory. I wish it really worked that way

  • Guest commented
    3 May 06:20pm

    I've just done some experiments, and if you ask the AI to complete a sentence it usually comes up with something that makes sense in context. e.g. in a scenario set at a dance, when I asked for the description of a guy it said he was wearing a tuxedo. When I asked for a description of the cake that mentioned in previous text, it said it was a cake with candles.

  • Guest commented
    3 May 02:36pm

    You can sometimes get a similar effect by inputting a partial sentence and leaving the AI to complete it. e.g. "The girl's name is "

  • Guest commented
    12 Apr 10:35pm

    This seems very useful. Say if I was experimenting with a Fallout themed Game and I picked up a nice suit of T-51. It would be forced to describe;

    "...The suits' armor is made up of Poly-Composites and is much lighter than the previous T-45 series suit. The armor seems to be scuffed up and scratched, and the helmet is missing. Other than anything else, This is one of the best suits out there to find..."

    AI Dungeon Name: LibertyPrimeMkll

  • Guest commented
    14 Mar 12:37pm

    Could be dovetailed with AID-I-2957

  • Guest commented
    11 Mar 07:02am

    Sort of building onto this, we could get a lot of mileage out of a >desc command. There are so many times I'd wish the AI would describe the person, location, or action with more flavor text without having it constantly be that way as with an author's note

  • Guest commented
    6 Mar 09:44am

    I would like if it would just automatically create world info profiles for characters the AI created

  • Guest commented
    25 Feb 02:17am

    Nice idea, while experimenting in my campaigns I found that when you type in 'story' you can get the AI to tell you information by having it fill in the blanks.

    So say you want to know the girl's name, you would type: The girl's name is
    and push enter, it's going to put in more info or do something random after that but you can just edit the other lines out.

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb 01:23pm

    Interesting idea to have a specific short command instead of "You inspect /character/" or similar text input. And devs can do a simple script to check and add the next AI output as information into the World Info if there is none by keyword (character name, city, etc.).

    But, I guess that for now there is no way to stop AI from generating the next move in the story. If not to force AI to generate answer in the exact length of text as you set in settings.