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Ability to have an inventory

It would be neat if we could pick up objects and have them stored in an "inventory" that is then available to us wherever we are. Would allow us to collect things and use them later or just build big collections.

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  • Jan 15 2021
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  • Guest commented
    6 Jul 02:25am

    Perhaps the easiest solution would be to allow the AI to generate world information on the fly. That way, as the player interacts with places, objects, and beings, the world information database gets populated and helps create some sort of world permanence (though I may not correctly understand how world information works). I do note that in long games this might lead to the creation of a lot of world information.

    For example, a place world information might have a physical location (coordinates?), other sub-locations (buildings, zones), connections to additional locations, objects, and residents.

    An object world information might include; location, ownership (if any), weight, size, class(? weapon, consumable, etc), damage (if weapon), age, etc

    A being world information might include: inventory, clothing, statistics (HP, MP, STR, CHA, as applicable), personality, relationships, owned possessions, residence, etc.

    Basically, merge the AI with Dwarf Fortress :D

  • Guest commented
    27 Jun 07:38am

    This is already a feature. You can type in 'pick up _____' and you will have it in your "inventory"/storage for use later. (unless AI forgets, which will happen sometimes but is a totally different issue)

  • Guest commented
    13 May 07:18pm

    I would like to expand this idea: permanents.

    Basically, you have a table, where you can write relations of your character with the world. You may list object you posess, your inventory, changes in your look, your companions, friends, family, people who you know. Things for AI to remember and use in storytelling.

    Structure may be like object-property: [Sword]-[Posession], [Lisa]-[Sister], etc.

  • Guest commented
    10 May 10:59am

    Inventory could be just like World Info Entries, with Item property descriptions that the AI can take into consideration located with a shortcut icon access or in menu next to Quest Info

  • Guest commented
    7 May 08:15am

    To bad they just did not allow you to host a Notecard that your PC pings to the AI when ever /openbag is typed... o the AI does not need to remember contents you just tell it what you have.

  • Admin
    David Eggertsen commented
    6 May 11:07pm

    We would like to do this, but it's a lot more challenging than you would think. The best you can do at this point is use the "Pin" function or add world info for your character including the things that you have. However, the AI does not understand permanence so there is currently no full proof solution to having the AI "know" what you have and do not have.

  • Guest commented
    24 Apr 09:10am

    when is this gunna happen?

  • Guest commented
    24 Mar 03:03am

    This would be a nice feature because it would also benefit things related to clothing. Clothing throughout scenarios almost always changes, whether its from having long pants to shorts, or having clothes on to not having clothes on at all...

  • Guest commented
    19 Mar 07:46pm

    I have an inventory system I'm currently developing. You might want to use it.

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb 06:12pm

    Oh there won't be more situations like |you find old man who say he's hungry what you do? -I feed him with berries - you don't find any berries and you feed him with arrows now he's dead and you are a murder (there were couple situations like that). I hope that next time I even when I don't find any berries I will can find and feed that poor guy with some muschroms which I will choose to feed him

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb 12:37pm

    Yep, use /remember (pin btn) to force AI to remember your current inventory, team, and etc.

    But yes, this is not a very user-friendly way. It will be better if we have dedicated buttons for inventory and team... that will be using /remember function for AI anyway but in a more efficient way.

    I have done a UI/UX overhaul for the World Info page (AID-I-2688). If you are interested, take a look and say what you think about it as a user.

  • Guest commented
    17 Jan 06:45pm

    You can have an inventory. Type /remember and type I have a (object name) in my inventory. The AI will remember that you have these objects in your inventory.