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Adding a map of your surroundings

32x32 map of your surroundings with colored pixels depending on the type of people/buildings (NN that starts making random maps but evolves with user input to make better ones).

  • Guest
  • Jan 15 2021
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  • Admin
    Latitude Games commented
    3 Jan 10:35pm

    We love this request and see how much interest it has. For now we have decided that this is not a feature we will be adding to AI Dungeon in the near future. We’re hoping to develop features like these in games that will be available in the Voyage platform we are building. As these features see success, we may consider porting them over to AI Dungeon in the future. Thank you for your feedback and for supporting AI Dungeon.

  • Guest commented
    1 Sep, 2021 09:59am

    With a grid/tile like system, I can imagine it to be pretty easy to implement tile depended World-Info. Furthermore, something like "Tile-scripting" would be interesting to see too. With a scripting feature you can make something like; "The player can only move in a 1 tile radius per action", which would force the AI to describe long ways to a distant places in much more detail. New tools like these are simple to use and powerfull at the same time.

  • Guest commented
    29 Jul, 2021 03:59pm

    It is better to make several windows at once, where it will be individually what you see, what you hear, what you feel. The text in them will change along with the change of the environment or situation.

  • Guest commented
    23 Mar, 2021 12:22pm

    I agree even with a small pixilated map that generates its self with world information then sits in the top right corner with a dot for your name and companions names would be insanely rpg like. That way the game has an idea of where you are and also helps the AI to remember. Also you do not have to keep worrying that the AI is going to put you out of your current kingdom to a random place.

  • Guest commented
    10 Mar, 2021 11:55pm

    Oh, it would be awesome! The map could store some data of the block you're in, as the AI gives more detail about the place. The map helps players to recall about items dropped on the floor, who's nearby, and a quest could somehow trigger the AI to mark some block from the map, indicating the quest's location.

  • Guest commented
    6 Mar, 2021 09:49am

    or even some method for the AI to remember the location you are in like some sort of persistent location tracker

  • Guest commented
    19 Feb, 2021 03:25pm

    Wow That would be great but may be hard. If something like that will exist then it not only be small but also really simple ( If you say you are on island around which you see only sea that should be simple to create but it will don't work with city's (at least if you want a specific buidings) ,yet I would be really happy if something like that will be added :)

  • Guest commented
    18 Jan, 2021 03:33am

    Yes! This would be sooooo helpful!