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Better clarification of -who- is speaking? Merged

Sometimes the game just:
">chat about sports with your friends on the couch"
"'Did you see the game last night?'"
"'Oh wow, that game was incredible, do you remember when Jenkins threw that?'"
"'Yeah, that was great.'"
"'What's on now?'"
"'Wow, wonder who's on?'"
"You chat for hours while watching the game. It was a good game."

-and there's no way to tell which speaker was who.

  • Guest
  • Jan 15 2021
  • Will not do
  • Admin
    David Eggertsen commented
    23 Feb, 2021 11:36pm

    Unfortunately, as much as we would like to improve this. It is a fundamental issue with the current AI technology. This will be done when the AI improves to the point that this is possible.