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Allow the AI to add Humorus Dialogue and slider so you can control the level of Comedy for said situation if it's possible. Keep up the great work ^-^

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  • Jan 15 2021
  • Future consideration
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    29 Jul, 2021 04:21pm

    The difficulty lies in teaching And "understanding" the situation, making it comical or scary. But I think it would give good results. Perhaps the best solution would be to split the neural network into several neural networks, each of which would focus on its own specification, such as a description of the environment, dialogues, or relationships between factions, etc.

  • Guest commented
    9 Apr, 2021 09:26pm

    That...would be interesting. And, oddly, it has told me a few puns. It's apparently better-equipped for wordplay (go figure!) than most kinds of jokes, since it understands word association well.

    That said, if you asked it a homophone pun, it might get confused. I'd also advise against using homographs; due to its nature, it mistook my use of 'consummate' (unparalleled, austere) for the version used in regard to a married couple going to bed together for the first time.

  • Guest commented
    23 Mar, 2021 10:59pm

    It's kind of difficult to teach a machine humor. Unless you're talking about the Chemistry kind; that, it seems to understand quite well.

    It has made a few comments that I laughed at, though I don't know if they were all intended to be humorous. I think it may have just been accidental stupidity.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jan, 2021 01:02pm

    This would be nice, but since creating good humour is still beyond most humans I don't think the AI would do well except by accident. Which it at times does really, really well.

    (After asking the AI to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood)

    "What happened to Red Riding Hood?"

    "She got over her fear of wolves and became a furry."