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The ability to upload a book or text document to AI so that it generates a world based on it

It would be cool to upload a book, a ranobe, a text document in AI, so that on its basis the world, characters and behavior of AI in a certain style are created. So that AI does not move the player from one universe to another over time

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  • Jan 15 2021
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    Latitude Games commented
    3 Jan 10:30pm

    We love this request and see how much interest it has. For now we have decided that this is not a feature we will be adding to AI Dungeon in the near future. We’re hoping to develop features like these in games that will be available in the Voyage platform we are building. As these features see success, we may consider porting them over to AI Dungeon in the future. Thank you for your feedback and for supporting AI Dungeon.

  • Guest commented
    3 Nov, 2021 04:51pm

    This is one of two key lacking near term features in my opinion. As an example, if I were to upload several dozen well written Star Trek or Witcher stories as the basis for a scenario (perhaps as an alternative or supplement to the current World Info feature) I would ideally expect the AI to generate responses that make sense within the context of the dataset given. What one would expect from the AI within the context of several dozen Star Trek stories would certainly be different from what would be expected from one given Witcher stories as guidelines... and this seems like the natural and intuitive way to 'train' a scenario.

  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2021 04:03am

    This may work better as its own game (another Latitude product?) rather than part of AI Dungeon, but it's a fascinating idea. You could basically have a similar system but you can train it on custom text, which may be from a book series, a description of the events that occur in a movie or movie series, or something similar, and then it could try to generate an interactive story based on that material.

  • Guest commented
    22 May, 2021 09:53pm

    Please have it so that you can upload more than one text document at a time for the AI to build off of. After all, if you wan to make something based off of a multi-work series (like A Song Of Ice And Fire or Harry Potter), you'd probably need to use all entries from the series, or at least more than just one.

  • Guest commented
    1 Apr, 2021 12:32pm

    I think it is possible. Maybe not now but in future probably. Until you mean short texts, then it maybe possible.

  • Guest commented
    25 Feb, 2021 10:27am

    this is one of best ideas i ever seen in these couple of months and i think it should be in the planned section