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dialogue tracking

i'm not entirely sure how to describe this, but oftentimes i'll create a world using the scenario editor, play around with it, and afterwards update the scenario with changes that happened (interactions with characters, landmarks that were affected, ect.). the reason i do this is because usually if i continue playing a single very very long story (usually copying a majority of it into the remember box, but that's a separate issue), the ai gradually becomes more and more unstable or repetitive. however, a side effect of this is character's speech patterns are usually lost in the transition, and it takes quite a bit of correcting to force the ai to adopt them again. not only that, but previous conversations are almost always erased with this method. i would love a way to copy-paste some dialogue i've had with a character into the scenario itself, potentially as a new entry box in the world info editor.

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  • Jan 15 2021
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    Latitude Games commented
    3 Jan 10:35pm

    We love this request and see how much interest it has. For now we have decided that this is not a feature we will be adding to AI Dungeon in the near future. We’re hoping to develop features like these in games that will be available in the Voyage platform we are building. As these features see success, we may consider porting them over to AI Dungeon in the future. Thank you for your feedback and for supporting AI Dungeon.