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Telepathy, ESP, and non-standard senses

One thing the AI doesn't handle well at the moment is non-standard sensory information. Suppose, for example, the player character is a telepath. He ought to be receiving a constant stream of information about what people are thinking and feeling, which should come up without prompting. Instead, at best, you have to poke the AI to get it to respond, e.g.

> You reach out with your telepathic senses and scan the girl's mind

and even when you do that, if you get anything back at all, it will be some sort of picture that is completely unrelated to what is happening now, or to what you and the other person are talking about.

Maybe the AI needs to be fed some more stories that contain mind-reading characters.

The same is true of any non-standard sense - if your character has, say, an usually acute sense of hearing or smell, this never picks anything up unless prompted.

This applies even when the information is stored in /remember - the AI just doesn't know what to do with it.

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  • Jan 15 2021
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