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Improve the AI's understanding of size differences

So, let's say we have a 14 foot(a little under 3 m) tall human. The AI can make him enter a store or a car. Or hug someone. But a human at a bigger size like 30 feet(about 10 m) tall can pick the player up. Or eat them. The point is, the AI can have trouble understanding size differences sometimes. This happens more when you have a giant human appear. However, when the AI makes a giant appear, it handles his behavior well. Or if you are huge, it can do the same thing.

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  • Jan 15 2021
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    18 Jan, 2021 12:13am

    If you write the heights in cm, the AI is able to compare them quite well.
    The main problem is that if you put it in WIs, the AI is liable to completely overlook the data.